Our story began in April of 1996. Steve Ertle and Robert A Binns Jr purchased a motorsports dealership in Highlands Texas, a small community just outside of Houston. This is where we learned how to build a business to work online. The name at that time was Action Cycles and it was an underperforming store based on the population size it was surrounded by.

Just a brief snap shot of what we had gotten ourselves into. This business is in the heart of the warmest summers you can imagine. By the time we had closed on the business it was mid June and 90 degrees in the shade. The business at the time had no air conditioning. We set about to fix that and ordered some air conditioning for the store. Problem was it was a month out and getting warmer. We decided that the best thing to do was help the customer pick out the machine of their dreams and have them sit in their air conditioned vehicle while we completed the paperwork for the sale. We would then go to them and get the deal signed and closed in the comfort of their car. As I think back on those first few months we were overcoming challenges to build our business.

Yellow Pages A-L Houston Texas

The early days of marketing.

Our marketing strategy was basically the Yellow Pages, and in the Houston area the Yellow Pages were so large that they were broken into 2 separate books. This was really the only option we could afford at the time and at least our name was in front of the people searching for a motorsports product. Back then the best optimization technique was to name your business something beginning with the letter A so you were at the top of the list when customers began their search.

Getting our strategy dialed in.

Enter the next level of marketing for our motorsports business. Once we started to use this type of marketing we quickly learned that the best money spend is getting in front of the buyers that were looking for our product. We were able to show case our selected inventory and this became our primary marketing strategy. We downsized our Yellow Page advertising to the bare minimum and ramped up our presence in Cycle trader.

Copy of cycle trader magazine. Showing advertisements of motorcycles for sale.
computer showing windows 98 as a desk top PC

The WWW….

Mean while this World Wide Web thing was catching on. People were starting to use this as a source entertainment, work and organization. It was quickly becoming mainstream and before you knew it we had the whole year 2k problem on our hands. Once the clock struck midnight on December 31st 1999 and 2000 rolled into place that is when we began our digital journey. This was the beginning of our use of the digital landscape to attract new customers.

Learning how it all worked

We went to work learning everything we could get our hands on. From how the web worked to building our first website and using e mail to communicate with potential customers (leads) that were starting to use the internet to do their shopping. Thousands of hours spent learning, researching and trial and error. This was a fast changing environment and growing quickly. We saw the potential and embraced new ways to leverage this digital technology to sell more product and services.

black board of working out a problem. how to use the internet for business

How did we get here.

The journey was awesome, building this business with the digital assets that were becoming available. We grew our business to be the number one volume dealer in the State of Texas and then in 2007 the great recession hit. We rebuilt using the digital landscape to save our business. In 2017 we suffered a devastating fire that almost destroyed us but we survived because we had a solid digital strategy in place. We rebuilt back to being the number one dealership in Texas.

Why did we do this?

We sold our business and ready to move on to the next stage of our lives. Or so I thought, having the business experience I do there have been a few people that wanted some help with their businesses. Once I started to dig in a little it became obvious to me that there are so many businesses out there that need help getting more leads. By using everything we have learned over the 25 years in business we could build a lead generation system to help other small businesses thrive. How can we help you grow your business?

chalk board with Why ? on it.